Tips Buying Plus Sized Bathing Suits

Tips Buying Plus Sized Bathing SuitsPlus-sized girls in bathing suits are usually getting laughed at because they look nothing more out of the ordinary. Some people just can’t feel the urge to look at these girls differently. To keep you from such humiliation, proper bathing suit must be put into consideration.

Summer is the time that everyone should be having fun. Having the right bathing suit will let you enjoy a joyful summer and spend more time outdoors. Getting the right plus-sized bathing suit may be just the thing you need to enjoy both the sun and the weather. Finding one is not as difficult as what you think it is.

You won’t have difficulty in finding the right plus-sized swimwear as women’s plus-sized clothing nowadays are selling like popcorn. Designers and manufacturers are adopting to this growing sector that is why it is a lot easier than before to find a variety of style, color, and the right swimwear for your body type.

Selection of swimwear nowadays is a lot easier. You do not need to spend a large amount of time looking for that perfect swimsuit because even plus-sized swimwear are available at any swimwear stores.

Swimwear perfect for plus sized women are tankini, shortini, one-piece, blouson tops, and skirted wears.

Tankini is a bikini with a tank top instead of a bikini top. It is a traditional kind of swimwear that lets you hide flaws and show off the most alluring parts of your body.

Shortini, on the other hand, are shorts instead of a bikini bottom. It lets you enhance the lower part of your body and draws more attention to it rather than your upper part.

One-piece swimwear is a wonderful swimwear perfect for swimming. Darker colors help in accentuating the curves and hides all those flabs.

Blouson top comes with a large flowing piece of fabric attached to the top of a one-piece swimwear.

Just like a regular swimwear, plus sized bathing suits are made from nylon and polyester blends that is why they are tougher. These suits are designed to accentuate the pleasing assets and hide those areas that you don’t want people to focus one.

To help enhance the contour of your body, go for a swimsuit with crisscrossed designs. It helps give an illusion of a smaller waistline. Women with bigger build can benefit from swimwear with deep v-necks.

Halter tops help create a balance with the hips and help drive the eye away from the lower body. The balance and combination of large hips and small busts can focus from a swimsuit with printed or brightly colored top and dark colored bottom.

To make yourself appeal to the public not as a slabby fat woman but a well dressed individual, know what you need to hide and accentuate what needs to be shown. Take note of the kind of swimwear you have to wear in order to achieve that sexy look.

How to Get the Appropriate Girls Bathing Suits

How to Get the Appropriate Girls Bathing SuitsChoosing the right girls bathing suits may be a bit tough. You need to consider a few options like how much coverage do you want, will it look more of an adult’s wear than a child’s wear, and if your little girl will like the swimwear you choose. Here, are some few things to consider getting an appropriate swimwear for girls.

Keep up with their energy Young girls, unlike adults seems like they don’t lose energy at all. They tend to move around and do non-stop activities on the beach. It is important that you choose a swimwear that allows freedom of movement without being loose or too constricting. Skiritnis and tankinis are a perfect choice for energetic girls.

With or Without Strings?
Ties and strings may not be the best kind of swimsuit to wear for young girls because they have the tendency and the urge to pull it. One piece swimsuits work best, but some girls may find it too tight or is restricting their movement. Let your girl try out new styles including both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. Find out what makes her feel comfortable.

One of the biggest concerns in choosing a girl’s swimwear is modesty. Young girls, unlike adults should have enough clothes to cover up most of their skin. The level of modesty all depends on the parents, but the girl should have her own opinion, as well. Many young girls prefer to wear modest swimwear as it makes them feel more comfortable. Tankinis, skirtinis, and one-piece swimwear are swimwear that display modesty.

Cleanliness is another issue in a girl’s swimwear. Any kid that messes around at the beach will really get messy at the end of the day. Expect that their swimsuit will go dirty, as well. While sequins and stones may look cute, make sure that your kid doesn’t go all too dirty on her swimwear as this is a kind of swimwear that you can just toss out in a washing machine and expect it to look as beautiful as before. Choose something that is washing machine friendly if you don’t prefer handwashing such swimwear.

Your girl’s opinion
What is more important than all of the above suggestions? Your girls opinion is probably the most important of all in selecting a swimwear. The easiest way you can get your girl to choose a swimwear, despite the myriad of option is to narrow the swimwear down to a few options that you like and let her choose from those. In that way, no matter what swimwear she picks, you both agree on it. Remeber that kids like bright colors that have bold patterns and fun designs.

A swimwear for your little girl is not a daunting task at all, is it? Buying a swimwear for your little girl is not a difficult task especially when you know what you are looking for. Now that I have given you a solution, choosing a swimwear should be a fun experience, not a stressful task.

Fantasie Tankini For That Perfect Beach Holiday

Fantasie Tankini For That Perfect Beach HolidayAre you ready for that perfect beach holiday? Are your bags packed and ready to go? You may have missed your swimsuit, and if so, fantasies swimwear like a tankini is a perfect swimwear for you. Dressing up well in a beach holiday will sure put your best foot forward.

Fantasie tankini is the latest trent in swimwear in this season. These are perfect for people that want to hide their flaws and be confident about what they are wearing. Don’t have the guts to wear a two-piece suit and hate using a one-piece suit? Wear a tankini.

A good quality swimwear can bring out that confidence as it flaunts your best assets and hide your flaws. It is not just the tankini that you should worry about. A good fitting bra is also important for health reasons and other factors.

Why you need a good fitting inner wear

A good fitting bra will offer you the required support you need. It will give you that perfect lift and prevent your busts from sagging. A good fitting bra will change the contour of your breast line.

A poorly-fitted bra can leave you in pain. Fantasie swimwear offers adequate support, and it is very comfortable to wear. It is like you are wearing nothing at all. Wear a bra that will not leave shoulder marks on your shoulder or back and the underwire should not cause a pain or discomfort either.

The material used for manufacturing a bra should be from the best quality material. The material should be tested to ensure that it fits the sensitive skin and will not leave you itchy with rashes.

There are other aspects that can determine a good swimwear that fantasy swimwear only offers. For instance, a trendy design that will not only look attractive and appealing can help bring out that confidence in you. An array of colors and designs to choose from helps you from selecting the right
swimwear that is based on your mood, the occasion, and how different you want to be. Different patterns will not only make you look beautiful but also helps in accentuating your best feature but also hides your flaws.

The best thing about Fantasie tankini is that it is offered in many sizes. You can never get a size that won’t fit your body type. Even those plus sized women can benefit from Fantasie tankinis as there are swimwear that fit perfectly for such body type. When selecting a bra size, it must snugly fit and move naturally with your body. There should be enough space for one finger to slide inside the bra easily.

Choose a perfect bikini for such holiday to make heads turn. There are designs to suit all occasion, so what are you waiting for? Tankini has all the leading brands has that you will have no doubt in taking an order. You can order online and have the product delivered right at your doorstep; moreover, it offers a 14-day return policy so you will be confident in what you buy.

Tips in Finding the Right DD Swimsuit

Tips in Finding the Right DD SwimsuitAdd swimsuit should have a lot of things to consider to specially the added support for such bra size. When deciding on what to dd swimsuit is possible for you, think if either you want to hide or flaunts such feature.

Ladies have a complete and ample choice to wear during the summer to compliment her frame of mind and the kind of environment she chooses to visit. It also lets them feel contented that they are in trend with the latest fashion.

Ladies that have a more generous figure let’s say a DD cup size, a well-styled swimsuit can make one look fashionable, and show off the lady’s figure if it is a good fit.

The most appropriate swimsuit for such size is a back swimsuit. It is sultry, sexy and also enhances that curvy feature. A dd swimsuit keeps an illusion of a slimmer body, and it emphasizes the curves and compliments the figure.

Red swimsuits are as stunning as black swimsuits. It provides a lady with a bold statement and with add swimsuit cup size you can instantly get noticed.

Those who wants to impart on beach activities can prevent swimwear malfunction if you buy a swimsuit with underwiring for extra support. With such support, you can comfortably participate in beach activites such as volleyball, while leave you feeling calm and unrestricted.

Swimsuits come in variety of shapes and sizes. There are various designs that are offered in a variety of superb materials, colors, and texture. You can choose either one-piece or two piece depending on your preference. Those that wants to hide their flaws especially in the stomach area can benefit from using a one-piece swimwear and those that are comfortable with their body can be brave enough to use a two- piece suit.

When buying a swimsuit, make sure you have the correct measurement for your size. Most swimsuits nowadays are bra-sized, which means you won’t see small, medium, or large in a swimwear, instead you will see accurate swimwear sizes similar to those in a bra. Finding the right swimwear size can be as equally easy as finding a bra.

Unsure what your bra size is? Take accurate measurements by taking your upper torso measurement passing a tape under your breasts. If the measurement is an even number, add to; if it is an odd number, add 3. This will give you the band size. Then measure your upper torso, passing the tape over your nipples. Subtract the first measurement from the second measurement and then use this key to find your correct cup size:




5 = DD

Now you know how to find the right cup size for your swimwear, make sure that you look for the right cup when searching for a dd swimsuit.

Design should be next to important when buying a swimsuit as feeling comfortable when wearing one should be put into priority. Make sure that you have the right measurement for a swimwear by following this guide. It is very important because bigger bust need ample support to prevent swimwear malfunction.

Cute Swimsuits for Plus Sized Body

Cute Swimsuits for Plus Sized BodyIf you have a plus-sized body and summer is just around the corner, isn’t it a nerve-racking experience to find a plus sized swimwear that will fit the right swimsuit for your body? So much that you are thinking of ways to avoid all activities that might require you to wear one. You are too late to get back into shape, so here is a little advice to get the right and cute swimsuit.

Remember that you are slightly different from those women that have a perfect body. You may need some adjustments in finding your swimsuit. With some knowledge, and a bit of patience, you can find a swimsuit that will look good on you.

The Swim dress

Swim dress is a classic swimwear that provides all over protection for plus sized women. This swim dress great for plus sized women because it all comes in one solid piece which helps in smoothening those troubled spots. This style is great for supporting your busts and creating an illusion of a small waist. Some swim dress have feature designs and clean lines that
help add curves and compliment that hourglass shape.

One Piece

The style of the classic one pice may be some of the reasons why they avoid going to the beach. With today’s one piece suit, it is more versatile than before and also has options to support the bust, waist and hips. You can also add a wrap skirt for color and to accentuate the curves. Throw in a stylish tunic for more out of the water activities.


Skiritini is a classic swim dress that adds the versatility of a two piece swim wear. Skirtkini features an interchangeable top, which is usually a halter, or tank style. It has bottom that is similar to a skort or scooter. This style helps to minimize hips and thighs.


Shortini is much like a skirtini but provides extra cover in the hips and thighs. You can mix and match shortini for added versatility. Ths kind of swimwear is perfect for doing a variety of beach and outdoor activities. Moreover, this style looks very flattering.


Tankini is a classic bikini style that mixes the comfort of using a bikini with the coverage of a one piece. This style is perfect tot those that wants to show off their legs, minimize waistline, and flaunt their bust. Tankini is versatile and can be interchanged based on your needs. You can mix and match tops and bottoms to find the right style for your body.


Finding cute swimsuits perfect for your body depends on your body type and if you are comfortable wearing it. You must be comfortable in wearing the kind of swimsuit that you like before you make that final decision in buying one. Regardless of your body type, you can find the right one for you. All you have to do is to know what your limitations are, what are your body’s best asset, and how to hide those flaws.

Cute Bathing Suits For Pregnant Women

Cute Bathing Suits For Pregnant WomenWhen you think of maternity swimsuits, you think that it is ugly, won’t flatter our body and that no pregnant women can look good in it. However, those swimsuits were the concepts of before where moms prefer practical swimsuits than being fashionable since there are cute bathing suits today that made those practical swimsuits a thing of the past. Even pregnant women need to look stylish and fashionable in the beach, don’t you think?

Maternity swimming suits today flatter the figure of the woman no matter what trimester she is in. Below are some cute bathing suits that pregnant women will surely love.

Tankini with skirt

This is a maternity swimsuit that will not only flatter your body and is very comfortable since it leaves plenty of room for your stomach to grow without tightening it as it gets larger over the months. It also minimizes those curves especially if it is black or dark-colored.

The illusion bathing suit

This maternity swim dress is not only sexy but supports all those important parts in a woman’s body. The V-neck works best for big busted and small busted women. The dress shows off a curvy waistline, and the dropped waist skirt is just enough to cover without classifying it as a swim dress.

Halter skirtini 2 piece

You can wear this kind of swim wear for the entire 9 months. Features of such swimwear include waist and hip minimizer, soft molded cuts, ties, neck support, and a full cut brief with attached skirts.

One piece

One piece maternity swimsuits are a popular choice for pregnant women that want to hide their belly and wants to do physical activities on the beach like swimming, or water aerobics. It doesn’t have a separate part, and it hugs you really well so you won’t worry about anything flying off.

Maternity bikini

Don’t be confused about maternity bikinis of today because unlike how it is made before, maternity bikinis are for those people that aren’t shy to show off their baby bump. These are designed with the pregnant body in mind so it fits better than those regularly crafted swimwear. Maternity bikinis have
wider bikini waist band to help hold that bump in place. It is also made out of higher lycra content in which it is allowed to expand for up to a 9-month belly.

Tips in selecting a maternity swimwear

There is a wide variety of swimsuits available on the web, and this is the reason why pregnant women should not worry about what kind of cute bathing suit will fit their needs. A maternity swimsuit that is of the latest trend will not only make you look better but also feel better about your new shape and size, thus allow you to enjoy the ocean without feeling any discomfort.

Finding the right swimsuit will not be difficult because most local suppliers and online shops help you pick the right size by letting you measure your own body first. A one piece maternity swimsuit is probably the best option if you want a suit that will let you feel comfortable and safe when swimming
or just lying down on the beach.


The Basics of Swimwear for Juniors

The Basics of Swimwear for JuniorsSummer is that time of the year for everyone to enjoy outdoors. There are many outdoor activities for you to explore, and probably the most sought-after outdoor activity is going to the beach. Our juniors are the ones that enjoy outdoor activities especially going to the beach.

Juniors need to have swimwear just like adults. In this way, they are not only in style but also protected from the heat of the sun. Swimwears for juniors are popular among young teen girls.

The bikini and tankini allows them to expose as much skin as they want. Tankini, on the other hand, allows them to choose they style of top and a separate style of bottoms. Your teen can create their own beachwear to match their personality.

There are so many styles and designs to choose from and giving them the freedom to choose the style to their own liking gives them the opportunity to reflect their own style in the beach.

Bathing suits designed today is designed as separates except for one piece beach wear. This is an advantage because people can choose the right size for their body. This goes true for our juniors. Some girls may have a different size at the bottom than what they have on top.

A two piece bathing suit with two different sizes allows teens to have the perfect fit in beachwear. A way you can make sure young ladies can get the right measure for their swimwear is to measure the bust and the hips. This is the most accurate guide when choosing for a swimsuit size.

If you want to get an accurate measurement of your swimsuit. Many designers included a tag on their merchandise to find the right size of the swimwear before you make a final purchase. Finding the right size of swimwear accurately before you make a purchase not only saves time but money, and a lot of headaches, as well.

Majority of swimwear available today is the tankini swimwear. This is a two-piece suit that combines a tank-style top with a bikini-styled bottom. However, not all junior’s swimwear top are designed in tank style. Bandeau is another bathing suit that contains a band or tube styled top and a bikini at the bottom.

The bottoms differ in degrees of coverage. It can be a true bikini style, minimal coverage, or a bikini the offers full coverage. You and your junior will have to determine what is the most appropriate bikini, and the most comfortable one to wear.

Although many teens do not participate in beach sports, it is always best to buy a swimwear that is ready for such activities. Any style of bathing suit is appropriate for any beach activities. Once piece suits are suited for such activities, however, if the two-piece suit is sturdy enough it can be used for
sporting activities, as well. Just make sure the swimwear is well-equipped and well protected for such activities.

Bathing Suits For Body Types – How To Find The Right One

Bathing Suits For Body Types   How To Find The Right OneIf you just realized that you need a new bathing suit, make sure to get the right bathing suit for body types. There are different bathing suits that are fit for specific body types, so whether you are looking for one or two piece, style and comfort is very important. The piece you should select must accentuate your best features and hide the ones that your are too comfortable with.

When you go shopping, take attention to the parts that draw your attention. This will determine if the swimsuit is going to be flattering or not. The main idea here is that people should be drawn to your best feature when you put on the suit.

Below are some ideas on how to pick the right swimsuit for each body type.

Bulging Stomach
Bulging stomach can be hidden using a bathing suit with empire waist. This will help slim your stomach area and draw more attention to your bust line. Choose dark colored swimsuit to give you a more streamlined look. V-neck helps draw attention to the bust and face.

Heavy Hips and Thighs
Accentuate your swimsuit with short skirts or boy shorts.

Small Busts
There are a variety of options that you can try if you have a small bust. You can have a bikini top that is padded to make it look bigger. If you are conservative and prefer a stylish swimsuit, try a suit with a bloused top or a horizontal neckline. Bandeau swimsuits work perfectly in this body type. This will help to draw peoples attention on your shoulders to make it appear as if you have a full bust.

Large Busts
Large busts should not restrict you from wearing a swimwear. Reduce the overflowing cups by wearing costumes with wide straps. Spaghetti straps work well with large busts as it provides adequate support. Sports top should keep everything in place without any restrictions.

Short Torso
A swimsuit with vertical stripes will look great with this body type.

Long Torso
Long torsos can be reduced if you wear a one-piece swimsuit that have horizontal stripes. With such pattern, people will focus more attention on the upper and lower part of the body instead of the middle.

Hourglass Figure
A woman with an hourglass figure is considered as the most attractive shape. Whatever suit will look good well, but that doesn’t mean that you leave it as is. Flaunt your waist more by wearing a band or a belt.

Bathing suits are made from different materials. The most comfortable material is cotton; however, it gets heavy when wet and does not provide waterproofing more than what latex, spandex and other fabric can.

Buying bathing suits fitted for your body type not only hides flaws and accentuates you best feature but also prevents embarrassment and wardrobe malfunction. Make sure to fit the bathing suit before you make your purchase. Ensure that you can walk, run, jump or do other beach activities with ease and comfort.

Bandeau Swimsuit For Plus-Sized Women

Bandeau Swimsuit For Plus Sized WomenYou may think that you cannot wear a bikini just because you are not in perfect shape just like everybody else. Don’t lose hope because you can wear this kind of swimsuit no matter what size you have. This is called the bandeau swimsuits, and they fit perfectly to any body types.


Wearing swimsuit doesn’t mean that you have to reveal all, you can enjoy the benefits of swimwear while keeping yourself trendy and fashionable with bandeau tankini. This is also an ideal swimsuit for women that recently had a child or those that are consider their stomach bulge, too undesirable to be
revealed. Even women that have thick waist or wide shoulders can benefit from bandeau tankinis.

Small to medium prints

A common trick to create an illusion and make you slimmer is to wear clothing that are made of tiny to medium-sized prints regardless of the kind of summer or swimwear. These small repetitive designs will hide all the imperfections that you might have in your body. With bandeau bikini tops, you either create an illusion of having large or small chests, or having small waists.

Choosing a plus-size bandeau swimsuit

Choosing your swimwear does not need to be difficult regardless of your size and shape. Below are a few tips in getting the right swimwear for your body type.

• Hide big bellies with vertical stripes. You can hide those big bellies with vertical stripes gathering around the stomach area.

• Balance your small top/big bottom problem with wide shoulder straps and a small skirt that wraps around the front.

• Enhance small busts with a halter or bikini top. Ensure that it has underwire to add lift. Go for lighter swimsuit colors. Don’t wear strapless swimsuits as it will only make your chests look smaller.

• Big busts, especially for plus-sized women needs to buy a swimsuit that has adequate support. Wide straps will give you that added lift.

• Fix your broad shoulder problem by selecting a swimsuit that has patterns on the lower part. Patterns let people focus on the lower part and gives an impression of wider hips.

• Long upper body can benefit from a swimsuit with a tank top. It shows a little of your stomach and shorten the appearance of length of your torso.

• Short legs wanting to make it look longer in swimsuit can benefit from using a swimsuit that is high cut to the thigh.

Nothing compliments your favorite bandeau bikini more than having a perfect bottoms to go with it. Going for fuller bikini bottoms is a way to go to make you look not only appealing but also pleasing to the eye. Stay away from high cut or thong-stye bikinis especially if you do not have that perfect body to flaunt with.

Then next time you go to the beach, why not wear a swimsuit of your own instead of just a plain white shirt and some shorts. Remember wear only what you can and what is the most appropriate for your